Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I don’t think I’ll be showing my face in Burger King anymore. Went there for lunch today on my weekly loner town trip and thought I’d take a picture of me eating it alone so I could do a hilarious “lunch with friendsss” joke but I didn’t realise the flash was still on -_- the two girls behind me definitely saw and it was horrible. I tried to play it off cool because I was wearing my denim jacket and I feel like an outlaw/badass in it so I finished my food and contemplated life before I suddenly CHOKED on my burger and made this massive HURWUGH cough/choke noise that cemented my position as the worst person alive. I ran out of that place.



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My weights are arriving today and I cannot wait to start pumping the iron like a little BEAST and get arms that will be so huge people will be like “wow adam reeve was always a handsome guy in my head but in a friend way but now he’s got some arms I want him in my vagina” and I will be able to scream out NOW I’M A JERK AND EVERYONE LOVES ME

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I wish I was a person who doesn’t have another’s interest peter out into nothingness all the time. It would be really sweet not to have to get the post-falling for you moment where I’m back to being a friend to you whereas every positive word comes out of my mouth when I’m asked to describe you. I don’t want to be protected by being let down gently and have my tiny, tiny moment in the spotlight fade out into another “what if” moment of self-deprecating anguish.

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I shaved before my shift and today at work I got told by an old lady that I had “a nice face” then she pinched my bottom as we got out of the lift. I also told another customer that her screen was ready and apparently she said to the girl on GSP “Oh the man said our screen’s ready? Well, not man, that boy” :( I feel like nobody understands I have feelings under this flesh.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Are you freaking kidding me I HAVE SEEN GAME OF THRONES SPOILERS and I am not very happy about it

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Meeting the idol.

The dog is smiling for fucks sake



Meeting the idol.

The dog is smiling for fucks sake

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You know when you have a posh wank and you have that post-ejaculate feel around of the condom and you look at your potential babies and go “wow, i bet you guys think you’re still in my balls” and then you throw it away and cry? That sucks.